Supply chain

Affine's analytic solution provides real-time, fact-based insight into the entire supply chain. It provides new levels of information richness, usability, and reach to operation professionals throughout the enterprise. Our analytical solution for supply chain are as follows

Solution Offerings

Inventory Management

Our analytical expertise can help retailers determine the optimal inventory levels at the different nodes of the supply chain needed to ensure sufficient supply while minimizing the cost of storage and transportation.


Inadequate reviews of inventory levels, safety stock, and replenishment policies lead to recurrent stock-outs or excess inventory across the supply chain. Organizations choose to keep inventory levels high as a buffer against uncertainties leads to high working capital while low inventory levels lead to stock outs. Accurate forecasting is needed to strike the right balance.


Inventory optimization helps in reducing the cost of managing the unnecessary inventory and releasing the cash. It also improves the fill rates and delivers growth by eliminating wastages and improving margins.

Procurement Management

Affine's procurement management solutions are well-rounded, taking into account the demand and needed supply and costs & bottlenecks in the movement of goods.


Vendor performance and delivery is an inconsistent process. It varies in delivered quantities and delivery times. Hence, proactive monitoring and management function is highly needed for efficient procurement.


Procurement management helps to gain greater efficiencies through the ability to continually monitor and improve procurement and better cost management. It quantifies vendor performance management to develop more profitable & sustainable relationships.

    Network and Route Optimization

    Affine can help build a network and route optimization engine which can direct the optimal use of different transport modes while ensuring timely delivery while being prepared for order changes/cancellations.


    Last mile delivery has been a constant challenge to organizations given the unpredictability in demand patterns and varying location nuances. Choice of less effective routes can lead to high delivery times, high travel costs and other issues. If managed rightly, it can help in sustainable cost savings. Hence, there is a need to move from gut based to scientifically robust routing methods.


    Network and Route optimization helps in improved adherence to delivery service level agreements. It also improves resource utilization, reduced cost to serve customers, improved customer service and profitability.