The retail industry has evolved significantly in the recent years, in terms of infrastructure, utility, and technological advancements. The competitive advantage lies in understanding the customers better, forecasting their needs and demands efficiently, optimizing the costs without compromising service quality and building lasting relationships with customers which demands leveraging data analytics. Affine Analytics offers various analytical capabilities across the retail sector.


Leading companies are leveraging balanced mix of big data, analytics and technology to more deeply understand consumers and drive their loyalty through every touch point. Affine’s analytical solution offerings which can help improve efficiency & effectiveness across various marketing activities are Market Spend Optimization, Campaign Management and Digital Marketing.


Analytics has become crucial for effective customer loyalty programs. Leading companies are using customer data analytics across all business decisions to develop an edge over their competitors. Affine’s analytical solution offerings which help you deliver the right experience to customers at each stage of their engagement with your company are Customer Acquisition, Customer Engagement and Customer Retention.


Affine's customer-centric merchandising analytics solutions enable the business to define customized assortment and promotions based on customer need and preference. Our solutions are Assortment Optimizations, Promotional Pricing Effectiveness and Planogram.


Affine's analytic solution provides real-time, fact-based insight into the entire supply chain. It provides new levels of information richness, usability, and reach to operation professionals throughout the enterprise. Our analytical solution for supply chain are Inventory Management, Procurement Management and Network & Route Optimization.


With Store analytics, retailers can have greater control over every aspect of what goes on between the aisles. Placing the right products on the right shelves with the help of predictive analytics ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our solutions are Labor Management and Shrinkage Prevention.


    By treating Voice of Customer as a strategic business discipline, companies can finally run their Customer experience initiatives with more impact and certainty. Customer service and support is the only key to Effective Customer Lifetime Management. Our solutions are Customer Interaction Management, Call Volume Forecasting, Performance Management and Attrition Management.