Partnership with IIT Bhubaneshwar

The Affine Analytics Laboratory, set up in partnership with IIT Bhubaneswar (Since August 2015) for academic and research based interactions leading to promotion and development of new breakthrough technologies in the areas of Data Science, Analytics & Big Data. It provides necessary infrastructure and technical support to IIT Bhubaneswar for the establishment of the state-of-art advanced research laboratory to carry out collaborative research. This will also include information and knowledge sharing, conducting training programs, organizing seminars and workshops and other related activities. It also develops thought leadership, while advancing the capabilities of the entire industry.

Partnership with Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar (KIIT)

Affine analytics has partnered with KIIT, Bhubaneswar, since January 2017 – for academic and research leading to promotion and development of new and breakthrough technologies and to upgrade existing technologies in Data Analytics and Computer Vision. Mathematics and statistics have significant capabilities to transform industries. This partnership will enable Affine clients to leverage research and knowledge from consultancy projects to solve business problems using data, math, computer science, and vision. Additionally, they will combine their expertise to organize training and promote research in the field of analytics.