In this age of empowered customers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers need to rethink their relationship with consumers and retailers. Market saturation and low consumer switching costs have made it an incredibly competitive space. This demands deeper insights from big data to make quicker, fact-based decisions. Affine's analytical solutions can accelerate your journey from insight to action, and deliver benefits throughout the extended enterprise – integrating capabilities and relevant data.


Leading companies are leveraging balanced mix of big data, analytics and technology to more deeply understand consumers and drive their loyalty through every touch point. Affine’s analytical solution offerings which can help improve efficiency & effectiveness across various marketing activities are Design of Experiment, Market Spend Optimization and Digital Marketing.


    Affine's Sales Analytics is a comprehensive analytical solution that provides real time, fact-based insight into the entire sales process. It provides new levels of information richness, usability, and reach to sales professionals throughout the enterprise. Our solutions in Sales analytics are Trade Promotion Optimization and Sales Force Analytics.

      Supply Chain/Logistics

      Supply chains of Consumer Packaged Goods companies have been transformed by shifts in technology, social media, and consumer preferences. They need to adopt an agile supply chain to sense and respond to dynamic purchase behaviours, demand-supply fluctuations, and product lifecycles while minimizing costs. Our solutions in Supply chain analytics are Inventory Management, Procurement Management and Network & Route Optimization.

        Brand / Category management

        Several accelerating trends within the CPG marketing ecosystem are increasing the importance of category-based thinking. These trends threaten to overwhelm the existing capabilities of Category Management and hamper growth unless they are addressed quickly, intelligently and holistically. Our solutions in Brand Category analytics are Assortment Planning, Base Price Optimization and Consumer Promotions.