Analytics is helping banking industry in becoming smarter in managing the challenges it faces. While basic reporting and prescriptive analytics continue to be must-haves for banks, advanced analytics generates powerful insights, resulting in significant business impact. Affine’s analytics solutions are tailored for data driven business strategies for a wide range of products of the banking and financial services industry.


Analytics has become crucial for effective customer loyalty programs. Leading companies are using customer data analytics across all business decisions to develop an edge over their competitors. Affine’s analytical solution offerings in Customer Relationship Management are Customer Acquisition, Customer Segmentation and Profiling and Customer Retention.


    Leading companies are leveraging balanced mix of big data, analytics and technology to more deeply understand consumers and drive their loyalty through every touch point. Affine’s analytical solution offerings which can help improve efficiency & effectiveness across various marketing activities are Market Spend Optimization, Campaign Management and Digital Marketing.


    Risk concerns continue to be top-of-mind for bankers. There is a continuous need to identify, measure, control and monitor it. Affine brings financial institutions best-offered capabilities to proactively manage risk,which are Fraud Management, Market Risk Management and Risk Compliance and Governance.


    Operational Analytics enables analysis of processes, thereby helping you to optimize your operations by efficiently identifying and isolating inefficiencies and failures. Our solutions are Workforce optimization and Service Channel Management.

    Customer Support

    By treating voice of customer as a strategic business discipline, companies can finally run their customer experience initiatives with more impact and certainty. Customer service and support is the only key to effective customer lifetime management. Our solutions are Customer Interaction Management, Call Volume Forecasting, Performance Management and Attrition Management.