Affine Way

Managers across the board are starting to use analytics for improved decision making. It is imperative that they are adequately supported by the right analytics input. Now is the time to move beyond traditional correlation / regression methods and use solution attributes that suit each business problem the best.

To Solve the puzzle

Affine strives to ensure that a balanced mix of skill, business acumen and technical expertise is deployed to stitch the business problem-solution puzzle.

How do we do this?

Our guidepost is the Affine Way, an ever-growing repository of our learnings and ideas, that we have collected and established while working with over 30 Fortune 500 companies and delivering to their unique needs.

Our offerings

Analytics today is a complex interplay of statistical techniques of varying degrees of complexity and technology ranging from spreadsheets to Big Data, with immeasurable business acumen. Our solutions are designed to address core business problems our clients face, pertaining to multiple solution categories.

Enterprise Data Management

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Data Science

Big Data

We have well developed capabilities and solution frameworks in business practice areas like Marketing, Sales, CRM, Consumer Insights, Risk and Pricing.

Careers at Affine- choose the road less travelled

We are revolutionizing business decision making through a consultative approach to analytics. At Affine, the brightest people are helping define a new age industry. A fast paced work environment, where you consistently collide ideas with maths gurus, ace programmers and probably rock stars as well.

We strongly believe that the only limitation to what you can achieve is as far as you can dream. Discover and achieve your potential, while learning and honing the skills of the trade in a field that is exploding with possibilities.

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